RECENT DEBAUCHERY: Updated 01/03/07
(There are additional pictures in the "Have A Seat" section)

As promised...the latest photos of some folks making merry, and as always, there are additional photos on the "Have A Seat" page. The following are from the New Year's Eve party.

More people need to do really cool things like this. That's Ian Merritt somewhere in Utah proving to the world that we have indeed corrupted his every thought, every waking moment!


See, more people are doing cool things! In case you can't tell, that's Brad Farrin also in Utah. The Sign reads "I'd rather be at D. A.'s", but who wouldn't? When people do cool things like this, I can't help but feel as though Annie's owns their souls!

Even cute little babies would rather be at D. A. s!!! I'd rather be down in NY visiting her though.

I have absolutely no idea who this is...but it is so far above and beyond the call of duty. I am simply amazed!!!

And yet another continent!

One last picture, for now...

It could happen!

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